Quantum Cabo PTsE Spinning Reels

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The Quantum® Cabo® PT™ saltwater spinning reel is engineered to shed the corrosive effects of saltwater and stand up to the most vicious fights inshore or offshore game fish can dish out.

Loaded with Quantum's legendary PT technology, including 8 PT bearings and super-hard PT gears. The Cabo utilizes hybrid ceramic bearings in high-load areas, and boasts a sealed Magnum™ CSC Drag and sealed Magnum Clutch.

Other features include a TiMag titanium fail-proof bail system with magnetic trip; LMS™ line management system with ball-bearing line roller; SaltGuard™ 2.0 multi-layer corrosion protection; and SCR™ alloy body and side cover.

SCR™ alloy rotor on 60 and 80 models
Carbon Fiber composite rotor on 40 and 50 models.

Quantum Cabo PTsE Spinning Reels
Quantum Cabo PTsE Spinning Reels