L.T. Marine Heavy Duty Swivel Base Rod Holders

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We designed and overbuilt our heavy duty swivel base rod holders to outlast the competition. When we set out to design and build our rod holders we refused to settle for the ho hum copycat mentality that plagues the sport fishing industry. We challenged ourselves to build the strongest rod holder using the thickest gauge materials within reason and keep the cost in line with our competitors.


  • Featuring a hand polished mirror finish ¼” thick 5” x 4” Top Plate with 4 mounting holes to accommodate 5/16 diameter countersunk bolts made from 316L stainless steel.
  • Measure 12" overall long to accommodate lower shear boats.
  • Removable pin at 9” deep for trolling with #2 and #4 butts
  • The rod tube is made from 1/8” thick walled 304L stainless steel. It is designed to accept all 130 size class bent butts. Our rod holder will also accept all #2 and #4 butts, and #2 and #4 Winthrop Terminator Butts and still swivel without rubbing the reel handle against the covering boards.
  • Features a heavy duty swivel mechanism which is a one piece design. 100% machined from 316 stainless steel round stock. The bottom of the rod tube has a ¼” thick stainless steel floor to support the swivel mechanism, and has ample clearance for water to drain quickly.
  • The backing plate comes standard in 1/8” thick 316L stainless steel and features a proprietary L.T. Marine (Laurel Tool & Engineering Co., Inc) designed safety line bracket which can be positioned at any of the 4 mounting thru holes and rotated to fit your clearance needs.
  • Features a lifetime warranty against structural/mechanical failure due to normal use.
L.T. Marine Heavy Duty Swivel Base Rod Holders
L.T. Marine Heavy Duty Swivel Base Rod Holders
L.T. Marine Heavy Duty Swivel Base Rod Holders