BHP Tackle Wind-On Leaders


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Why BHP Wind-On Leaders are better...

Spectra Leader Material is used instead of bulky dacron. Spectra is stronger and has a lower profile than dacron. Our 200lb hollow spectra is equivalent in diameter to 80lb dacron.

Superior Serves. Methods of serving fluorocarbon to braided line involve applying half hitches of waxed floss sealed with pliobond, heatshrink tubing or superglue. This results in large stiff serves which cannot run easily through guides and release clips, then onto the reel. Other methods use tiny crimps that can crack, or if improperly swaged, cut the fluoro.

Our leaders avoid these methods. Instead, after removing all slack from the leader, we serve with an ultrathin spectra thread, applied under pressure, using a spinning bobbin. The result is the strongest, lowest profile serve possible, barely larger than the diameter of the fluorocarbon itself.

Double Wall Construction. Our leader section starts out as an 8-foot piece of hollow spectra that is completely doubled inside itself using a threading needle. This produces a double-walled, 4-foot length of spectra with a loop at one end.

The fluorocarbon leader is inserted all the way up to the loop inside the spectra double splice, resulting in a double-finger-trap grip that never fails.

For extra holding power, spectra to fluoro splices on all BHP wind-ons are triple-bonded with Pliobond and Tacglue Tactical Adhesive before applying the serve.

BHP Tackle Wind-On Leaders
BHP Tackle Wind-On Leaders